Last week my friend Ido celebrated his birthday. I told him the next drawing would be dedicated to him. I’m hoping he doesn’t mind that it is a fierce, dark creature! Another #sketchdailies topic from twitter. Typhon is from Greek mythology,  a monstrous creature that “From his shoulders grew a hundred heads of a snake, a fearful dragon, with dark, flickering tongues, and from under the brows of his eyes in his marvellous heads flashed fire, and fire burned from his heads as he glared.” He also had a human torso, and two serpent tails, in some accounts he had wings. In my version he is also a little gangster throwing down some sort of gang sign.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to Typhon’s story, but this past week was a bit of a nightmare trying to update my computer to windows 10. There are still issues with my drivers that are rendering one of my drawing programs pretty much useless. So this one was just a quick sketch with Photoshop to see if that was running properly.

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