Vacation 2012 – Beaune Part I

After five days in Paris, we hopped aboard a train and headed to the city of Beaune. We only had to check into the hotel to fall in love with it.

The hotel we stayed at was called the Abbaye de Maizieres. A converted abbey that had the perfect mixture of old and new. The room was amazing, right down to the rainflow shower head and remote control air conditioning.

The picture above is the first room you see as you enter the hotel. This is their dining area, and for me, it was love at first sight. Imagine breakfast by candle light as they pipe violin music into the room. Fresh croissants and hand squeezed orange juice.

Of course, once being an abbey┬á you have to deal with the same thing we dealt with everywhere we went around France…stairs. These stairs sure showed their age, much the same way I showed mine, as I lumbered up them with my luggage, and then my wife’s.

Our room was absolutely lovely, and I loved it even more so when I realized it was right at the top of the first flight of stairs.

Artistically, these are not the most amazing photos, but I do feel I have to rave about this hotel a bit. It was our favourite hotel for the whole trip.

I mean, I even loved the look of the front desk…

and the smaller than normal front door. (Luckily, I didn’t bang my head)

I think I’ll leave today’s post with just the pictures of the Abbaye de Maizieres. I think the 500 year old hospital, the cathedral and the wine cellars all have enough pictures for their own posts.

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