Vacation 2012 – London

Bad Horse, Tower of London 2012

Ok…I was going to call this crazy horse, but I couldn’t resist the “Dr.Horrible” reference. I’m slowly going through all my photos from my European vacation, so the next couple of weeks will probably be a mix of photos and dragons, as I sort things out.

Our vacation started in Winnipeg, but I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures of my brother chopping out a tree stump in his back yard. So I’m opting to start with the London portion of the trip.

We landed in London the day before the start of the Paralympics and as luck would have it, on our first stroll around Picadilly Circus, we caught the torch relay!

Going through these images just now, I realize that there are pictures missing from my memory card, that I distinctly remember taking. 7 hours of walking and taking pictures is just gone.

Just went through some of my wife’s pictures and she’s missing large portions of photos as well.

Not at all happy at the moment…I’m afraid my narrative will suffer for it.

Oh well…here’s a few of the photos that did survive. (In case you’re wondering, both me and my wife have a Canon T3, and we were both using a Duracell 32 Gb memory card)

More shots from Tower of London.

This next guy was impressive. Apparently made for a 6’8″ knight…

My favourite pub in London…

and my wife, Karen, enjoying a cider in said pub…(so glad this photo survived)

A cool display in a clothing shop in London…


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