Vacation 2012 – Louvre Part II

After thoroughly exploring the sculpture galleries, we risked our lives and ventured over to the Mona Lisa gallery.

Granted we hit the Louvre late in the summer, school was back in, so the crowds weren’t actually that bad. Yet we still didn’t linger too long in this crowd. We put in our face time and sought calmer areas.

*the dark square in the center of the wall/crowd is the Mona Lisa

There was still much to see in this great maze of a museum. Through centuries and cultures…

At last we found ourselves in the Egyptian exhibit.

It was fun for a while. That is until we realized that we had been lured into a trap. With construction going on all floors of one particular section beside the Egyptian area, the trek to the last section we wanted to see became a nightmare of stairs and frustrated tourists. More than once I heard a frustrated “Are you *(insert expletive)*ing kidding me?” from other tourists expecting a doorway to the next gallery and finding it closed. Which meant a long walk through a maze of rooms up and down stairs like this:

to get to the last area we wanted to see. (I’ve never done so many stairs in my life as I did on this vacation)

Oh and there were other paintings in the Louvre…great huge paintings, small paintings, unfinished paintings…(detail of a work by FrançoisAndré Vincent)

But for some reason this trip, I was captivated by the sculptures.

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