Vacation 2012 – Louvre

My favourite section of the Louvre isn’t the Mona Lisa, I could totally do without the massive crowds there. I head straight for the other side of the museum, and the great galleries of statues.

There’s something about these great stone pieces being sculpted into flesh and cloth that captivates me. Perhaps it’s that I just can’t imagine the skill involved in creating such art. Or perhaps it’s the abundance of grotesque imagery.

Of course, it’s not all ‘grotesque’ imagery…

In fact, as we walked around, I found a few that were actually quite amusing. One might think that Jim Henson had been responsible for sculpting these. Or in the very least, inspired by them. I half expected to see a stone Kermit the Frog, or Fozzie the Bear sitting in a display next to these muppet-like carvings.

as for this next one…I’m still not sure what to think.

That’s just a small sampling of my favourite section of the Louvre. Hopefully I’ll finish off with the Louvre pictures tomorrow.

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