Vacation 2012 – Lyon

Unfortunately we had but one night in Lyon, so it was a quick, get checked in, explore anything within walking distance, and out the next morning. Luckily, like all the great cities in France, you can see a lot of really cool stuff in a matter of hours.

This is one city I wish we had more time to explore. Especially after I found out that we were close to my twitter friend Amy’s area. I’m sure we would have seen a lot more great sites with a local’s knowledge to guide us.

I have to admit, we got our exercise that day. When we set out for the cathedral, we didn’t realize it was at the top of a crazy long set of stairs.

Once again, the walk was worth it.

Once we were finished exploring the Cathedral at the top of the hill, we walked down the other side, to the Gallo-Roman Amphitheatre ruins.

That about does it for the vaction photos…except for one more I want to share, but that’s for tomorrow.

From Lyon we spent one last night in Paris, then headed home in a series of connecting flights that lasted a full 24+ hours. It was a great vacation, and I would definitely love to go back some day.


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