Vacation 2012 – Marseilles

After leaving Beaune, we headed to the south of France to visit Marseilles.  Believe it or not, Marseilles was not high on our list to visit. In fact it was more of a stop over point on our way to Carcassonne. The old port of Marseilles was under construction while were there. They’re fixing up the walking area around the port, it should be awesome when it’s done…unfortunately while we were there, all we could see from the walk around the port was construction fence.

So the highlight of Marseilles for us was the visit to the Isle d’If. The fortress know for being one of the settings of Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”

The island fortress looks very impressive as you approach it with great stone walls surrounding the whole island.

The prison building part of the fortress was relatively small when compared to the walls protecting it.

One can only imagine being imprisoned on the Isle d’If. My guess is that during the height of the summer, the heat would have been unbearable. There would have been nothing to do but scratch your days off on the wall…or as was very evident, scratch your name, coat of arms, or whole story into the walls. There was a lot of that in every prison room.

When we got back from the island, we jumped on the little tourist train and zipped up the hill to Notre Dame de la Garde.

The colours used on the interior was almost overwhelming!

As it is the day after Remembrance Day, I thought it’s fitting that I include this picture of damage done to the cathedral during the liberation of Marseilles in 1944.

After Marseilles we headed to Carcassonne, a beautiful little city with a huge castle at it’s centre…that’s for the next photo post.


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