Vacation 2012 – Musée des arts et métiers

I had been to Paris once before, back in 1994.  The Musée des arts et métiers was one of the museums that we had wanted to visit back then but unfortunately the day we went, it was closed. This time, we checked before going to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

As it turns out, the Musée des arts et métiers was one of my favourite museums! Unfortunately it was also one that fell victim to the faulty Duracell memory cards in our cameras, and only a fraction of the images I took survived. All of my wife’s photos from that visit disappeared.

So as much as we loved the museum, the photos don’t reflect the amount of pictures we took.

The content of the museum ranges from the strange…like this “Accessory for phantasmagoria” circa 1850

or this strange little monkey…

to the cool “Electroplated shield by Boquillon, circa 1850”

And then there is the scientific equipment. So ornate and decorative that it seems more like sculpture. In the very least it’s a great resource for any steampunk design I might find myself doing.

And there were vehicles of all shapes and sizes!

I wish more of my pictures would have survived from this museum. It was one of my favourite places in Paris. (Even the building is cool)

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