Vacation 2012 – Paris Catacombs

One of my favourite places in Paris are the Catacombs – and this is my favourite picture of them this trip. (taken by my wife Karen).

I don’t want to say the Catacombs are a morbid fascination of mine, it makes it sound too trivial. There’s just something about going down so far underground to walk through a maze of the dead, it makes one think.

Of course it doesn’t make everyone think. That’s pretty obvious by the number of people that have signed their names on the skulls of the long forgotten. Funny thing is, these remains may have been the beggars or prostitutes in their living years, but I have way more respect for them then those people that felt the need to sign their names on the bones.

That said, the Catacombs are an amazing site. Well worth searching out while if you find yourself in Paris. If I ever find myself in Paris again, no doubt I’ll go down there again. If only to try to wrap my head around what it is you find yourself looking at.


It’s not all bones. The trip starts out with a descent down 130 steps down underground…

and then you walk on wet, slick stone passages…

some decorated with intricate carvings…

until you enter the realm of the dead, which goes on and on, for longer than you’d think.

Finally, when you finally come up out into fresh air, you’re five blocks from where you started.

If you get the chance, and you’re not claustrophobic, I highly recommend the visit

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