Wedding Bouquets

Bouquet_01My second project to prepare for the wedding was to create a bouquet that would be fitting for such a beautiful bride. Karen’s one rule was that we would have no real flowers at the wedding. So we went with lollipops!

Karen went to Candy Aisle and chose the lollipops she wanted for the bouquets. This wasn’t a bouquet that was going to be thrown over her shoulder. The whole idea behind this bouquet was to pull it apart and give it to the kids at the wedding.

As a side note…If you are debating inviting kids to your wedding, by all means invite them, they’ll own the dance floor all night, until they are carried off exhausted.

Back to the bouquets…

Karen wanted a large heart as the center lollipop, and the long skinny one as the handle. I knew the idea was to tear these bouquets up at the end of the night, so I didn’t want to put them together so well we couldn’t get them apart at the reception. I may have went a little overboard on that…at the end of the night, the connection between these two lollipops gave me the most trouble…I ended up wiring them together and putting some electricians tape over the wire, so I wouldn’t get poked by the wire while I was finishing the bouquet.

Then I added three straw segments taped to the middle of the sticks to hold three lollipops to the front of the heart.

The popsicle stick was added to hold six lollipops to the side of the heart.

Bouquet_02The Star lollipops slid nicely into the straws that were taped to the wooden handles of the two large lollipops. These were the easiest candies to remove later.

Bouquet_03Next I placed the smaller lollipops on the side, to get an idea of how long the ‘stems’ needed to be.

Bouquet_04Then I cut the ‘stems’ of the outer lollipops to a length I could handle.


To add a bit of softness to the bouquet, we decided on peacock feathers. So I glued a fan of feathers to the back of the handle…right where the cuts were made on the outer lollipops.

Now I needed a way to cover up all the glue, tape and wire that is holding the bouquet together.

I took a cardboard tube from the inside of a roll of aluminum foil I have just finished (while working on the centerpieces) , cut it into thirds, and braided ribbon around it for the ‘handle’.

Bouquet_06It looks like I know what I’m doing, but in fact, I had tried a few things to get it to this point. There were times when I was feeling a little overwhelmed, but luckily, my friend’s wife volunteered to help out. I was happy to pass the boutonnieres on to her…which turned out to be a great decision! (more on that in a minute)

To complete the construction cover up, I cut up a piece of thin cardboard and wrapped that around the bouquet handle. (I took the ribbon covered tube off for this part)

Bouquet_07To complete this part of the bouquet I braided/glued ribbon around the cone.

Finally, the bouquet was starting to look like a bouquet. I was terrified that this wouldn’t work when I started…at this point, I started to have a bit more confidence that it would.

To finish it off, or so I thought, I added some ribbon…

Bouquet_09Cut back to Shona, my friend’s wife. She had been working on the boutonnieres and was ready to send me a picture.

Bout_02I immediately fell in love with the wires! So much so, I added them to the bouquets. That was the final touch they needed. The bouquets were done…well one was done…I still had to make the others for the rest of the bridal party. But the hard part was done.


Bouquet_20Up next…The Wedding Cake!

oh yeah…the lollipop bouquet was loved by the kids!



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