Wedding Favors – Jones soda


When Karen and I met, it was the weekend of Fest-of-Ale, a beer festival held in Penticton. Because of that, we actually wanted to have a variety of beers on the tables for the guests. Unfortunately due to BC liquor laws, and corkage fees we decided instead to give everyone Jones sodas.

We had already ordered a small selection of MyJones sodas with our homemade label on them, in fact, the company was so quick with delivery, we already had the first order in hand before we realized we needed to order more.

Jones_KenKarenTime was running out, but because of the great service, we felt we had more than enough time place the second order.

Sure enough, the second order was as prompt as the first, and arrived with a week to spare.

Jones_sodaThis may just sound like a commercial for Jones Soda, but because of how easy they were to deal with and how good the service was, I think they deserve it!

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