Winslow – part II

When I drew Winslow I knew I really wanted to paint him and as he came together I knew he had to exist in a forest.

Given my time constraints for working on these paintings, I figured I had to get some good reference pictures for the forest, and get them quick. Luckily I live a short distance from Central Park in Burnaby, a walk across the road from the skytrain station and it was like I was deep in a forest miles from civilization. And 15 minutes later I was back enroute to the office.

I still wish I had more time to play with the forest, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out!


2 thoughts on “Winslow – part II”

  1. “BRAAAAAAAP…Oh god no more bean taco buffets. Why did you let me eat so many….Ugh… BRAAAAAP”

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